Chat Log for CEONSS - ONS-Europa-C-M5-Beta15-4
on Thu, 26 Mar 2020 at 4:28:34
Minutes Player Text
-0.87 popo Connected
-0.87 popo Team Change to Red Team
0.00 Game Start
0.00 popo Team Change to Blue Team
0.79 popo Was Crushed
2.31 COVID-1984 Connected
2.31 COVID-1984 Team Change to Red Team
3.51 popo Killed COVID-1984 with an AVRiL
5.19 COVID-1984 Disconnected
7.37 Ema_. Connected
7.37 Ema_. Team Change to Red Team
8.40 popo Killed Ema_. with a Goliath
8.50 Blue Team Captured a Point!
8.50 Game Ended - Team Score Limit

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