Chat Log for CEONSS - ONS-Baldur-BETA4-GL-C
on Wed, 09 Oct 2019 at 22:58:43
Minutes Player Text
-0.85 Hopeless Connected
-0.85 Hopeless Team Change to Red Team
-0.52 Bamf Connected
-0.52 Bamf Team Change to Blue Team
-0.28 Terrordactyl Connected
-0.28 Terrordactyl Team Change to Red Team
0.00 Game Start
0.00 Hopeless Team Change to Blue Team
0.00 Bamf Team Change to Red Team
3.52 Terrordactyl Killed Hopeless with a BallistaShell
3.71 Terrordactyl Suicided with a BallistaShell
5.42 Sualtam Connected
5.42 Sualtam Team Change to Blue Team
5.70 Hopeless Suicided with a BallistaShell
7.47 Sualtam Carjacked a HeliosArtillery
7.51 Terrordactyl Killed Sualtam with a Flak Cannon
8.64 Player 27 Connected
8.64 Player 27 Team Change to Red Team
9.09 Player 27 Disconnected
9.19 Hopeless Killed Terrordactyl with a CobraKill
9.22 Sualtam Suicided with a Rocket Launcher
9.67 Bamf Suicided with a Flak Cannon
10.72 Bamf Killed Sualtam with a Link Gun
11.11 Sualtam Killed Bamf with a Manta
11.31 Dr.Pain Connected
11.31 Dr.Pain Team Change to Red Team
12.03 Sualtam Headshot Bamf with a Manta
12.41 Blue Team Captured a Point!
12.41 Game Ended - Team Score Limit

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